As a well-meaning parent, you want your daughter to grow up not only believing in herself and her abilities, but you also want her to see herself as a beautiful, brave and confident young lady.  That’s where we come in! The Girl Within community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created with a vision where girls, ages 7-13, are given the key to their future through the lens of who they were created to be.

Hey…we totally get it. That was exactly why we created The Girl Within to celebrate young girls and help them focus on who they truly are from within at a young age so as they grow fully-equipped to stand confidently in any situation they face knowing so.

Oh, wait…it gets better!

We host the most high-energetic, unparalleled bi-annual conference where your girl will be in an environment where she will be poured into by fun powerhouse speakers that gets them, engage in fun interactive games with fellow attendees but most importantly have an amazing, meaningful real-life bonding moment with the adult (guardian) in their lives.

Imagine stepping into a room full of “now generation” girls with unmatched energy, ready to step out boldly, and begin living their best life and being the best version of themselves.  At The Girl Within Conference, we will give them and their parents the tools to celebrate who they are and help them focus on who they were created so as they enter the high school and later college years, these girls are walking, talking and believing in themselves without fear or hesitation.

Connections are made, REAL conversations take place and families walk away feeling full and excited about what’s to come in their young girl’s life!

Now let’s spread some joy!

 The community aspect allows the girls to dive into their bold and brave selves by allowing the girls to step outside of themselves and connect with their community.  By teaching the girls that their life’s journey is not simply about them but about how they show up and serve others.


Hey…Hey…Parents and Guardians!

The truth is this: your favorite girl, whether daughter, niece, grand-daughter, neighbor’s daughter, goddaughter, or student is audaciously living in her best years of uncapped happiness.  I’m simply here to help provide the tools to help her grow and give you both the support you need to gracefully live out these amazing years!

Whether you’re looking for a way to engage your young daughter more into something that will light up her soul or you just want more ideas on how to get your daughter to believe in her incredibly young “badilicious” self (yup…that’s a word…no need to look it up), you my friend stumbled across the right page.  I’m here to help!


  • You found your daughter subconsciously comparing herself to what she sees in magazines or her “prettier” friends.
  • Need help motivating your daughter into seeing and believing in her greatness.
  • Feel the need for your daughter to do more in her community and see how incredibly fortunate and blessed she is OR remind her that doing good matters.
  • You need to know the secrets to raise a confident and happy girl and help her become her well-rounded and best self.

Regardless of where your favorite girl is on her current journey to the pre-teenage years, you want her to know how BOLD • BRAVE • BEAUTIFUL she is.

 You want your girl to know how awesome she is.  Most importantly you want a REAL…REAL #girl-mom or #girl-dad relationship with your young lady.

A few key truths we know for sure:

  • We want our girls to confidently know who they are at a young age and continue to stand on the wings of brave and strong women that came before them.
  • We believe that rolling through life with unshakable joy and happiness should be on top of the essential truths that we articulate to our girls. All girls should know and believe this…their joy can never be taken from them.
  • Call us crazy but if you ask us, we believe that every young girl deserves to have a cute little puppy to love on and nurture. #LifeIsShortKissAPuppy

The gist is: your favorite girl is pure goodness and light.  In this world, no one is smarter than her, better than her or more beautiful than her.  She is Brave.  She is Bold.  She is Beautiful.
She is “The Girl Within.

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