Bold Brave Beautiful

The gist is: your favorite girl is pure goodness and light.  In this world, no one is smarter than her, better than her or more beautiful than her.  She is Brave.  She is Bold.  She is Beautiful.
She is “The Girl Within.

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The Girl Within is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization where girls ages 7-13 years old are encouraged to be all they aspire to be without inhibitions.  A place where they are truly celebrated.  A place where positive affirmations are their love language.

OUR MISSION is to help raise a generation of confident and authentic girls that understands the importance of living their adventurous years of uncapped happiness…worry-free, spreading joy in their community all while surrounded by love.

OUR CORE VALUE…step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis and see yourself as you were wonderfully and fearfully created to be…BOLD, BRAVE, and BEAUTIFUL; far away from gender roles expectations!


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Partnership Matters

The Girl Within community works passionately to help raise a generation of confident and authentic girls.  These young ladies are the NOW generation and their future matters.  Our community has audacious goals and dreams and we cannot do it without you! To power our mission, our goal is to align ourselves with like-minded brands.  Successful brand partners will be those that see and value our vision for each of The Girl Within young ladies and truly believe in their future.

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