I used to think that the main reason behind a bad mother-daughter relationship is the mom who is not controlling enough. HA…Of course, I was wrong! To make no bones about it, I grew up in a middle-class African home in the state of Missouri where teenage girls are supposed to be obedient and show more respect for parental authority.

I moved to the US at the age of 11 with my 13 YO sister by ourselves; coming from Nigeria. We were literarily dropped into the hardest years of school…The Terrible Middle School Years!  Let’s just say not only was I a foreigner in my new environment, but the word foreign was my WHOLE life at that point. I was so lost, incredibly self-conscious, afraid, lonely, shy, and to top it off, I could barely speak “proper” English. Seriously, the middle school was already tough enough but to pull me out of my comfort zone and throw me into this, I was done!

Several decades later, I became a mom. The fierce thick skin I had developed over the years began to chip away. You see, I’m a recovering type A personality, making things pretty is indeed my jam and self-teaching and study is really my cup of tea. While and after my 16 years of work in the hospitality industry, I self-taught myself how to be a Realtor, Jewelry, Children Clothing and Floral Designer and Event Planner (I mean, I planned my entire wedding up until the morning off…I told you to type A).

Of all of those skills and jobs, my most important and big WHY is being a mom. Learning how to swim through the beautiful river called motherhood. In fact, I realized that within the joy, success, and happiness of motherhood there are sad and overwhelming parts that are just part of being a mom. Thus, I understood that emboldening your girl with bravery and boldness means raising a generation who can smartly lean in and lead. In all of this, my zeal to laugh, coach, and learn how to be gentle and tender with my daughter’s heart keeps me going.

Hey, …thanks for being here.  I truly appreciate you and hope to connect with you soon.



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