✨ Heart Check ✨ How are you sweet girl? How are you mama? Really…I ask again “How are you?” * How are you feeling? * How is school going? How is being your daughter’s school teacher making you feel? * How does your “new normal” feel? * How is your heart? * How are you balancing it all? ✨ Oh my…how things have changed over the last month!!!! Yes, things might be hard or perhaps they just seem different and not hard for you at all. Either way, remember you’ve got this! And if things seem hard right now, say this with me, “hard doesn’t mean impossible!” ✨ Simply: Focus on the joy! Focus on your green grass! Focus on your still waters! Focus on your light!

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Gentle reminder 💗 • Be kind to yourself sweet girl and always be kind to others. You never know what someone is going through.💗 • @stacieswift is an amazing resource if you’re looking for more gentle reminders. You’ll love her page.
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✨ To all the young girls out there searching for your voice. Always remember to be your own person. Start by being you and walk confidently in that. ✨ • A true Bold, Brave & Beautiful legend will be missed. #ruthbaderginsburg

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